How Do I Get Seen?


Dan and Brendan sit down with Yavuz Inanli, a recruiter for Dexis Consulting Group, to hear his advice on how to land a job in international development, the tricks of recruiting, and how the myth of the 1 page CV may keep you from your dream job! 

Positive Plug:

We’ve all heard the argument – keep it short, concise, and specific – oh, but also make sure that you explain your gaps, show stability, and include any extra curriculars, hobbies, and volunteer work – ALL ON 1 PAGE.

Vuz told us to throw out the cover letter and build up the resume. See what others think:

Dispelling the Myth, Brenda Bernstein

The One Page Myth (Updated), Stefan Perrson

Dispelling the One Page Resume, Madeline Mackie


Published by Will Work 4 Podcast

Daniel, a former Job Developer, and Brendan, an eternal dreamer, look to normalize difficult dialogues to ease the uncertainty of unemployment. They hope by sharing their own experiences around finding meaningful work, inviting experts in the field to share tips and tricks, and gathering resources, they'll create a community of support to help each other in the process of finding their next career. All this will hopefully make you feel a little more connected and a little less alone.

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