About Us

Daniel Thorton

Daniel always finds a way to connect with any person in the room. Based in Washington DC, Daniel is a Training Associate with Management Systems International. He holds a Masters Degree in Education Policy from Colombia Teacher’s College and is driven by a desire to work internationally to support communities develop strong systems and inclusive policies. 

Daniel’s favorite comic book character is The Flash. 

Brendan Boland

Brendan is an educator, storyteller, and organizer based in Richmond, CA. He looks to affirm others in their personal and professional learning journeys. Brendan currently works as a Program Manager for The Asia Foundation’s Let’s Read digital library. He holds a Masters Degree in International Education Policy and Management from Vanderbilt’s Peabody College.

Brendan’s favorite hike goes from Stinson Beach and up the Dipsea Trail to Muir Woods.

Wonderful resource

The Will Work 4 Podcast is a career-focused resource bringing its audience the best topics and guests to help people live their best life. The hosts, Daniel and Brendan, have a good rapport with their guests and each other that make the show not only informative, but entertaining….This is a wonderful resource for people looking for sound professional guidance.

Diane Pleuss, Francise Fitter