How to conquer LinkedIn, get the job, and own your future

Jeremy Schifeling is the author of Linked, a guide to using LinkedIn and your network to find the job of your dream. He is the Director of Consumer and Product Marketing at Khan Academy and often speaks of his own career journey going from a classroom teacher to a career in tech. Check out LinkedContinue reading “How to conquer LinkedIn, get the job, and own your future”

How to write a federal resume with Kathryn Troutman

Kathryn Troutman is the author of 28 books on Federal job seeking. She wrote the first book on the Federal resume, the Federal Resume Guidebook, in 1996 when the government went online with their jobs site, Today she is known as the Federal Resume Guru. Kathryn is the Founder and President of The ResumeContinue reading “How to write a federal resume with Kathryn Troutman”

How to make fun of work

Sidney Morss is a content and social media manager with a knack for backend platform management. She’s also a standup comedian, consultant, and Tik Tok star. She shares her journey of transitioning from the stage to content creation, having her boss discover her Tik Tok channel, and navigating the balance of producing videos and lifeContinue reading “How to make fun of work”

How to grow your influence…

Alex D. Tremble is an award-winning speaker, author, and leadership expert who has over 10 years of experience coaching and advising some of our nation’s most senior-level government leaders. Alex began his career managing three government-wide senior leadership development programs and quickly went on to establish GPS Leadership Solutions LLC., while publishing two bestselling booksContinue reading “How to grow your influence…”

How to turn career rejections into long-lasting success

D & B speak with DR. ELI JOSEPH, author, educator, and TEDx speaker who currently serves as a faculty member at Columbia University and Queens College and as a partner and medical examiner at ExamOne, a Quest Diagnostics company. Using rejection to fuel his professional achievements, he earned a bachelor’s degree at the age ofContinue reading “How to turn career rejections into long-lasting success”

How to rewrite the rules to sucess

A former worldwide director of finance, Rusty Gaillard walked away from 13 years at Apple to become a coach when he became more interested in his InnerTech than in external success. He now helps others turn off autopilot, ask better questions, and write their own rules for success. Rusty had a career & life manyContinue reading “How to rewrite the rules to sucess”

When is it time to change with Vik Kapoor

Vik Kapoor is an ICF-certified professional coach at the PCC level who helps his clients utilize their strengths, dial down the drama, and find meaning in every area of life. Though he works with a range of middle-managers and senior executives, his focus is on emerging leaders and rising stars. Vikram (“Vik”) Kapoor is aContinue reading “When is it time to change with Vik Kapoor”

How to unplug, unwind, and think clearly

D & B sit down with Daniel Sih, co-founder of Spacemakers, a productivity consulting group for busy leaders. Daniel’s book “Spacemaker – how to unplug, unwind and think clearly in the digital age,” not only tells us why it is important to create space away from technology, it provides clear strategies on how to create one’sContinue reading “How to unplug, unwind, and think clearly”

How to offer integrative care and complementary therapy

This week for another Name That Job segment, D & B sit with Talaya Dendy, founder of On the Other Side LLC. Talaya Dendy is a Cancer Doula, Cancer Thriver, Cancer Health Equity Consultant, Mental Health First Aider, and Podcaster who has dedicated her career to advocating for, guiding, supporting, and empowering people diagnosed withContinue reading “How to offer integrative care and complementary therapy”

Top Career Podcasts of 2021!

We are honored and thrilled to be included in Mac Prichard‘s Find Your Dream Job Top Career Podcasts of 2021! We thank Mac for his mentorship and presence in supporting others to find their career path. Find the full list of career podcasts here. Mac reached out to Dan and Brendan over the summer of 2021Continue reading “Top Career Podcasts of 2021!”